Our studio invites everyone to take Latin and Ballroom lessons.  We are a family atmosphere teaching both professional and recreational style. 

Our location

Downtown Jersey City

Grassroots Community Studio

54 Coles St, Jersey City, NJ 07302

Our Mission

Impress community. Impress confidence. Impress dance.

We are family inclusive atmosphere, every child is gifted, our mission is to help children in developing their gift. 

Instructors with big hearts strive to bring out the best in your children with our inspiring, professional studio. 

Our classes create a show case for your childs performance at a talent show at school. 

Our instructors are competitive dancers themselves and they're certified to teach professional latin and ballroom dancing, in addition to training those students who would like to move on to a competitive level.

Welcome to the family!


Meet the Team

Where the Passion Begins


Yuliya Steshenko

World Cup Finalist, Blackpool Finalist, Dance Instructor

Yuliya is one of the top competitive latin dancers in the USA and in the World. She is very passionate about
passing on her knowledge and skill set to young children and adults interested in latin and ballroom dancing,
whether it be at a competitive level or for personal benefits. 


Nazariy Blagyy

2x World Champion in Latin Dance, 
Dance Instructor

Winner of multiple dance Festivals including New York Dance Festival, Nazariy is a competitive dancer and a top NYC performer. His mission is to inspire young dancers to do their best. He performed Argentine Tango in the movie "Isn't It Romantic" starring Rebel Wilson.

Marina Bulatkina

Founder, Director

Ballroom has always been her passion, Marina had an idea to create a studio in Jersey city that would be an empowering happy place for all children, where they can grow, develop their artistic talents and participate in memorable shows.
She is an International Curvy Model promoting self confidence, body positivity and personal growth. 
Marina resides in Jersey city.


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The Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

by our Teachers

The world of ballroom dancing is a world filled with glamour, beauty and artistry expression.  But there is so much more than what meets the eye.  The amount of benefits that ballroom dancing gives to people of all ages and walks of life is truly incredible and can be easily forget about because of the pure fun that it brings.  From the beginning, it teaches you about the power of communication, teamwork, and respect.  This goes for all ages but specifically for young kids, as it instills principles that will be necessary for the future in both life and ballroom dancing.  Music and movement unite and accept people from all over the world.  It makes you appreciate that everyone is unique and different, yet we can all come together and inspire each other and enjoy others company.  There are too many positives to name honestly, but just as the physical benefits are huge, the mental and social development benefits are right there as well, toe to toe right next to each other.  The physical benefits of ballroom dancing are second to none.  Ballroom dancing improves your heart and lung health, as it builds endurance and increases blood flow throughout your entire body. It improves your muscular strength and tone yet at the same time it is the perfect activity for any level of weight management.  It makes you develop your coordination, flexibility, and boosts your level of agility.  Whether you just love to dance and want to continue developing your skills or you are just tired of the of gym and want to get your exercise in more fun and social way, ballroom dancing is a must.  It’s more than just an activity, it’s a movement.  A movement that encourages mental and physical fitness, acceptance, diversification, and tons of fun.