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Beauty Classes for Teens

at Impress Ballroom Center

255 Brunswick st, Jersey city, NJ 07302

(Entrance on 10th Street) 


with Marina Bulatkina

Model at One Management

Founder of Impress Ballroom

Marina is a model with 15 years of experience working for clothing lines department store, beauty brands proudly representing women with confidence.

She loves passing the knowledge to others and especially to the younger generation.  

She developed a course for teens that includes 4 sessions for teens:

1- Makeup,

2- Hair styling

3 - Posture, walk in heels

4 - Taking best photos


Each session is 2 hour long

Girls will get many great tips that will help them in life. 5 professional images by editorial  photographer Maria Kazikhanov are included

Sundays 6-8 pm

Course 1 : June 16th, June 23rd, June 30th, July 14th

Course 2 : July 21st, 28th, August 4th, August 11th

Course 3: August 18th, August 25th, September 8th, September 15th

Price $250 for the whole course

(4 sessions including a mini photoshoot)


Session 1


Less is always more

Our ladies are beautiful without any makeup. However many are curious how to apply makeup, what works, what products to use, how to highlight her features. 

In a small group we will be going over the topics:

- Best and easy makeup application techniques

- What tools to use

- What colors works for every individual girl

We will be practicing application techniques. Please bring makeup that you have to the class.

2 hour session


Session 2

Hair Styling

Everyone has different hair type. What is common is that we need to take care of our hair so they stay healthy. 

In a small group we will be discussing hair care routines:

- Brushing, washing

- Braids, ponytails

- Styling products, different hot tools (4 types of curling irons) 

- How to get ready for an event

Hot tools will be demonstrated with safety. 

We will practice evening hair styles.

Please bring your own brush to the class.

2 hour session

Posture, walk in heels

Session 3

During teen years our bodies are growing the fastest ever. It takes some practice to get used to keep your posture straight, but it's benefical for life. It's not just about looking good, it is about having a healthy back. 

It's also time to try wearing high/medium heel shoes. There is a technique walking on these which we will be practicing during our session. 

Walk with confidence anywhere.

Please bring your high/med heel shoes.

2 hour session


Session 4

Taking the best photos

With a wide experience taking photos with different professional photographers Marina will reveal the secrets of modeling for camera. Either it's photo or video shoot, professional session or taking pictures with smart phone. 

1 hour lectures

1 hour practice with Photographer Maria Kazikhanov (Elle Magazine, New York Film Academy)

2 hour session

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